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GeoBubble™ tiene cubiertas para todas las piscinas. ¿No quieres calentar tu piscina con calentador? ¿Necesitas prevenir la aparición de algas? ¿O estás buscando mantener la piscina fría? Quizás lo que quieres es mantener la temperatura de tu piscina cubierta.

Consulta el siguiente gráfico y encuentra la mejor cubierta para tu piscina.

Haz clic en el logotipo del producto para añadirlo o eliminarlo de tu selección. Cuanto más se aleje la línea del centro del gráfico, mejor será esa propiedad.

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Estudio de casos

I think that I am going to have a repair that lasts for years!

My solar cover started to split on the weld seam after only 10 months in our pool. Desperate to find a solution I was able to piece together a trail back to yourselves! Incredibly it was yourself who answered the call and after allowing me to tell my tale of woe offered a most generous solution! A repair tape that was being trialled!

This then leads us to today – repair day! The process… was incredibly easy! With only some very basic tools and a little elbow grease I think that I am going to have a repair that lasts for years! Within a matter of minutes the cover was repaired and back in the water. I think this tape is phenomenal product and would highly recommend it to others once available!

David Smith, South Africa