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Product Comparison Graph

GeoBubble™ has pool cover solutions for every pool. Do you want to heat your pool without a heater? Would you like to prevent algae? Perhaps you’d prefer to keep your pool cool? Or retain heat in your indoor pool?

Use the below graph to find the best cover for your pool.

Click on the product logos to add or remove that product from your selection. The further the shape grows from the centre of the graph, the better the product is at that property.

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Studi di casi

I bought my first GeoBubble cover… over 10 years ago and it is still in excellent condition!

[I bought] my first GeoBubble cover… over 10 years ago in the UK and drove it to Italy. For 5 months each year [the Sol+Guard™ cover] it has been used on our pool, and for 7 months through the winter it has been stored on a roller under a hedge. It is still in excellent condition with only the Roman end showing excessive wear.
Stephen Haylett, Italy