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Product feature: CoolGuard™ Ultra

As we have discussed at length on this website and particularly in the GeoBlog, the main objective of a pool cover is to reduce evaporation, though a cover has the added benefits of working as a barrier to debris and increasing the pool’s temperature through solar gains.

Usually, we talk about temperature gains as a primary feature of a pool cover, and increasing the temperature of pool water to provide a pleasant swimming temperature. However, in warmer climates, pool temperatures can quickly elevate past a comfortable swimming temperature. This makes the heating of the pool an undesirable feature of a cover.

This is where CoolGuard™ Ultra comes in. The objective of this unique material is to maintain water at a more comfortable, cooler temperature – closer to night time temperatures – in areas with hotter climates. 

Traditional methods of cooling a swimming pool

As water evaporates from a pool, the remaining water actually becomes cooler through the process of evaporative cooling. Fountains are often used to boost this process, but this is a highly energy consumptive process, and results in high levels of wasted water to the environment.

Heat pumps or cooling units are also popular alternatives used to cool pool water in hotter climates and we’ve even heard stories of huge blocks of ice being placed into pools in an effort to cool them – according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, it would take 8,750 pounds of ice to lower the water temperature of a 20,000 gallon pool by 10 degrees. 

CoolGuard™ Ultra, used alone, or in conjunction with a cooling unit represents a dramatic reduction or elimination of the required energy output.

For example, in the case of our customer in Palm Springs, California they found their CoolGuard™ Ultra eradicated the need for a cooling system. In a climate as hot as 110F(44C) a CoolGuard™ Ultra cover prevented the pool water from exceeding 90F(33C). This maintained a comfortable temperature within the swimming pool and so the cooling system wasn’t required to even switch on. Hence, saving a significant amount of energy and money.

How does CoolGuard™ Ultra work?

The method by which CoolGuard™ Ultra works can best be described as providing shade for your pool. CoolGuard™ Ultra reflects away large portions of the Sun’s energy, thus reducing solar gains when deployed. This makes CoolGuard™ Ultra an excellent  temperature regulator, and it can be considered to work in two ways: 

1.   Like all GeoBubble™ covers, CoolGuard™ Ultra prevents evaporation and the air filled bubble structure provides an insulating effect that helps maintain a pool’s temperature while minimizing energy losses. 

2.   The reflective top layer of the cover reduces the sun’s ability to heat the pool, minimising temperature increases.

CoolGuard™ Ultra represents the ideal solution to minimise the consumption of resources, while providing an enjoyable and cost effective swimming experience. CoolGuard™ Ultra provides this service through reflecting the Sun’s energy away from the pool through the day and insulating the pool at night, holding the pool at a refreshing temperature.

The temperature regulating properties of the CoolGuard™ Ultra material prevent spikes in temperature, whether in terms of loss or gain. 

 An uncovered pool will have a wide variation between gains and losses in temperature. Covering your pool using a CoolGuard™ Ultra cover will keep the temperature stable and refreshing, offering you a comfortable swimming environment, whilst also preserving energy and water.  

How to get the most out of your CoolGuard™ Ultra cover

In last month’s GeoBlog, we talked about how to get the most out of your pool cover, and whilst these hints and tips still apply to your CoolGuard™ Ultra cover, the unique composition and objectives of this material mean that there are some other considerations to keep in mind.

If you want to reduce your pool’s temperature – where do you start?

  1. Cover your pool with your CoolGuard™ Ultra cover during the day.
  2. Remove the cover at night to reduce the pool’s temperature through radiant and conductive heat loss.
  3. Put the cover back on the pool in the morning to prevent solar gains.
  4. Repeat this process (steps 1 to 3) for a week or until satisfied with the pool’s temperature when in use (on many pools, this will take just 2 days) 
  5. Revert back to the “best practice” of covering the pool water surface at all times except when the pool is in use.
  6. Enjoy a comfortable swimming temperature without losses to water and energy

CASE STUDY: Fred Busch, Palm Springs, California

“[CoolGuard™ Ultra] does an amazing job of rejecting U/V, which controls heat gain to keep the water temperature within limits.

As you can see in the included Temperature Chart, with full sun and temperature peaks well in excess of 110F (43°C) for weeks at a time, the water temp never got to 95F (35°C), which is the setting of my Nocturnal cooling, which greatly reduces my electrical cost…

The CoolGuard™ Ultra has eliminated any worry of leaving my pool unattended for a month or more without any attention and I am able to relax at time away from home. I am confident CoolGuard™ Ultra will be a long lasting performer even in our less than friendly desert climate. Frost at times in the winter and 120F (49°C) + during the summer.”

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