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A High Performance Heat Retention Pool Cover

Reflect & Scatter
Thermal Energy
Debris Control

The new Heat Retention Pool Cover, RaeGuard™ is engineered specifically to maximise heat retention through carefully tailored reflective properties. Identifiable immediately from its silver top layer and white bubble, RaeGuard™’s unique properties work to actively reduce heat losses from a pool’s surface by up to 57%.

Featured benefits:

Retain heat and maintain pool temperature
• Reduce heating cost by up to 57%
• Pay back the cost of a cover within 1 year
• Works on both indoor and outdoor pools
• Eliminate evaporation by 98%
• Reduce debris contamination
• Save money and reduce the environmental impact of your pool
• 8+ years expected lifespan
• With GeoBubble™ Technology
• Available with reinforcing weave

What makes RaeGuard™ the best Heat Retention Pool Cover?


The specially selected pigments of RaeGuard™’s silver & white layers are designed to reflect and scatter radiative heat, and maximise reflection in the targeted mid-infrared region.


The unique GeoBubble™ air cell provides the Heat Retention Pool Cover with a substantial barrier layer which works to prevent the transfer of thermal energy away from the surface of a pool.


When a pool is covered with a Heat Retention Pool Cover, instead of using energy to turn into water vapour, your pool water retains its thermal energy and stays warmer.

Causes of Heat Loss from a pool


Energy Saving

A heated pool covered with a RaeGuard™ cover will see a reduction in heating costs by up to 57%, when compared to an uncovered pool. This represents around 90% of the heat retention performance of a standard 5mm foam Heat Retention Pool Cover.

*Graphs illustrate a 57% reduction in heating costs when using a RaeGuard™ Heat Retention Pool Cover, versus an uncovered pool, and 64% reduction when using a foam cover.


of the performance

RaeGuard™ Heat Retention Pool Cover differs from solar pool covers like Sol+Guard™ and EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission which reduce energy costs by heating the water through free solar energy. The High Performance RaeGuard™ material is designed for indoor pools and pools that are open throughout the day to preserve water through evaporation control and reduce energy costs whenever not in use. Through insulating the pool and reflecting radiative heat, maintaining pool temperatures.

As a cost-effective alternative to a traditional Heat Retention Pool Cover made with foam, RaeGuard™ is perfect for any indoor pool, school pool or larger, commercial pool looking to lock in and retain heat.

“We have found that the pool is much warmer in the mornings than it ever was before. The condensation we used to get on our walls and windows is a thing of the past, and we are paying noticeably less on our heating bills.

The Heat Retention Pool Cover looks great and we are really happy with how well it is working for us”

Richard – Cooden, East Sussex, UK

(Domestic Indoor Pool)

“Our new Heat Retention Pool Cover has been a massive improvement on our old, waterlogged foam cover. It is so much easier to take off and on, which we do multiple times a day. We have found that the pool is holding its temperature much better than before, and there is no noticeable heat loss overnight.

We have also noticed we are using up far less chlorine than previously, the clarity of the water has improved and we are dedicating a lot less time to keeping the pool clean.”

Ross, Estate Manager – Dulwich Prep Cranbrook, UK

(School Pool)

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