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Getting the Most from Your New RaeGuard™ Cover

And now for something completely different… 

RaeGuard™ joins our product range as a specialist heat retention pool cover material, manufactured for use on those pools where keeping the heat in is the number one priority. RaeGuard™ is the ideal choice for covering any pool which relies on external heating systems to maintain a comfortable swimming temperature. 

Unlike our existing high-performance Guard products and other solar covers, RaeGuard™ focuses purely on retaining heat in your pool. It is designed specifically for use on those pools which are in constant use throughout the day, or indoor pools which are unable to take advantage of free solar energy.

With its distinctive white and silver appearance, RaeGuard™ works to save pool owners the equivalent cost of the cover in energy savings within the first year of use. It does this by reflecting and scattering back the heat which is emitted from the surface of a pool. To maximise heat retention and potential savings, you should always cover your pool whenever it is not in use

Synchronise your heater and filtration timers 

In order to maximise the heat retention effects of your RaeGuard™ cover, set your filtration pump to be switched off overnight. This will stop the mixing of your pool water when not in use, and slow down the rate at which heat is lost from the surface. By needlessly keeping your filter on overnight, not only is energy consumed by the pump, you will also be constantly replenishing warm water to the surface where heat exchange takes place. 

In addition to this we recommended that you set the timer of your filtration system to turn back on the following day, approximately 1 hour prior to when your heat pump is due to turn on. This will get the water in your pool moving again and means that your heater isn’t trying to heat static water. Getting good water mixing prior to heating means that the water within your pool has a good temperature distribution throughout, meaning that your heating unit does not have to work as hard and is less likely to overshoot any target temperature – Ultimately saving money on your heating bills. 

“We have found that the pool is much warmer in the mornings than it ever was before. The condensation we used to get on our walls and windows is a thing of the past, and we are paying noticeably less on our heating bills.

The cover looks great and we are really happy with how well it is working for us”

Richard – Cooden, East Sussex, UK

(Domestic Indoor Pool)

No more condensation 

A common problem with indoor pool enclosures is the excessive build-up of condensation on walls and windows. Condensation occurs when the ambient temperature of a pool enclosure is significantly below that of the water temperature. This can be resolved either by ventilating the room to let water vapour escape, or by heating the room to ensuring the air temperature is of similar temperature to the pool water. By taking either of these actions, you will be using up more energy or actively cooling down your pool. RaeGuard™ reduces the need to take corrective action – By eliminating evaporation, covering your pool with RaeGuard™ reduced condensation and reduce the need to heat your pool enclosure.  

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