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Preventing Heat Loss from a Pool

How can you prevent heat loss from your pool?

For outdoor pools: First and foremost – always ensure that your pool is covered when not in use!

Whilst you can rest easy knowing that your GeoBubble™ is eliminating evaporation when sitting on your pool, this obviously doesn’t help to prevent heat loss when your pool is uncovered and in use throughout the day. You can help combat this unavoidable evaporation by providing windbreaks around the boundary of your pool. By reducing wind speed across the surface of your pool evaporation can be greatly reduced. Common forms of windbreaks are low fences or even shrubs and plants, so long as the wind flow is reduced it will help to prevent heat loss!

Another easy-to-implement, heat-saving habit is setting your pump timer to switch off during the night. Some heat loss is always going to be inevitable, but by continuing to circulate water when the ambient air temperature is at it coldest actually encourages rather than prevents heat loss! By turning off your pump overnight you will slow down the rate at which heat is lost from the surface of your pool. 

Causes of Heat Loss from a pool

For indoor pools: We’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating – to prevent heat loss, make sure your pool is still covered when not in use!

However, with an indoor pool, instead of providing wind breaks you should look to control the humidity and temperature of your pool hall or enclosure to reduce evaporation, prevent heat loss and condensation on your walls and windows!

This can be achieved by heating your pool surroundings to a similar temperature to the water, and avoiding leaving any windows, doors or vents open.

Much like with an outdoor pool, turning your pump off overnight is also advisable when preventing heat loss. Although the temperature fluctuation overnight is much less extreme indoors, any reduction in change in ambient air temperature will still make your pool susceptible to heat loss.

Messaged received, but which pool cover is best for retaining heat?

RaeGuard™, the new heat retention pool cover from GeoBubble™, is engineered specifically to maximise heat retention and prevent heat loss through carefully tailored reflective properties. Identifiable immediately from its silver top layer and white bubble, RaeGuard™’s unique properties work to actively reduce heat losses from a pool’s surface by up to 57%.

Unlike solar pool covers Sol+Guard™ and EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission which reduce energy costs by heating the water through free solar energy, RaeGuard™ is designed for indoor pools and pools that are open throughout the day to preserve water through evaporation control and reduce energy costs whenever not in use.

RaeGuard™ is a cost-effective alternative to a traditional foam cover, perfect for any indoor pool, school pool or larger, commercial pool looking to lock in and retain heat.

Use the interactive graph below to see how RaeGuard™ compares to other GeoBubble™ materials.

School Pool in the South of England covered with RaeGuard™

“We have found that the pool is much warmer in the mornings than it ever was before. The condensation we used to get on our walls and windows is a thing of the past, and we are paying noticeably less on our heating bills.

The cover looks great and we are really happy with how well it is working for us”

Richard – Cooden, East Sussex, UK

(Domestic Indoor Pool)