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How to Heat a Pool without a Heater

Everyone wants a warm pool don’t they? A cold pool isn’t exactly inviting… Are you wondering how to heat a pool without a heater? It’s definitely possible! In this blog, we discuss ways you can heat your pool efficiently, whilst saving on costs…

How much does it cost to run a pool with a pool heater?

If you have a swimming pool, you’ll most likely know that pool heaters are costly albeit efficient at heating your pool. And with energy prices rising in the UK and other countries, we’re sure you’re looking for ways to heat your pool without a heater. 

There are often too many factors at play to say exactly how much it costs to run your pool with a pool heater. For example, the heater you’re using, the weather, the size of your pool and how the pool loses heat. Although, to give you an idea, an outdoor 10m x 4m pool running at a temperature of 28c could cost you £5 a day with a heat pump (Compass Pools, 2022). But as we mentioned, this can vary hugely depending on many factors. 

Whichever way you look at it, we’re sure you’re always looking for ways to reduce your pool costs and how to heat a pool without a heater…

So what are the best ways to heat a pool without a heater?

1. A Solar Pool Cover

Using a Solar Pool Cover, aka Solar Blanket, is by far the most cost effective and efficient way to heat a pool without a heater.

Solar Pool Covers work as they feature a transparent/translucent material which allows the sun’s heat through the cover into the pool. In other words, it raises the temperature of your pool during the day and retains it at night. 

The amount of energy a transparent cover will transmit is linked closely to the colour and concentration of the pigment used. Learn more.

You’re probably wondering which pool cover to buy? GeoBubble™ offers 2 High Performance Solar Pool Cover materials in our Guard Product range, so here’s the lowdown on the how they can heat your pool without a heater:

Sol+Guard™ Pool Cover

Sol+Guard™ is our highest performing cover for increasing the temperature of your pool. It can raise your pool’s temperature by up to 7°C as shown in our own testing facility in the UK! And we’ve seen even more impressive temperature gains for customers around the world.

Learn more about Sol+Guard.

EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission

Our award-winning EnergyGuard™ Selective Transition swimming pool cover is also excellent for solar gains, but with the additional benefit of algae inhibition.

energyguard selective transmission turnover image with logo

Learn more about EnergyGuard™.

Both our Sol+Guard™ and EnergyGuard+ covers pay back the cost of the cover within one year!

2. A Solar Pool Cover alongside a Pool Heater

If you live in a colder country (or just like your pool at the optimum temperature at all times!), it may not be sufficient enough to heat your pool without a pool heater at all. 

You could use a Solar Pool Cover in conjunction with a pool heater. A Solar Pool Cover stops the energy from the Sun evaporating water and instead harnesses this energy to help heat your pool. So, by covering your pool, your pool heater doesn’t have to work as hard, ultimately saving you money on your energy bills.

The heater will heat the pool warm on cloudier days and at night, and whilst the sun is out, the heater can be switched off and you can let your Solar Pool Cover do the hard work.

Where can I buy GeoBubble™?

Sol+Guard™ and EnergyGuard™ are both using GeoBubble™ material. We manufacture the material in roll form in the UK and sell it worldwide to plastic fabricators in bulk quantities. You can find a GeoBubble™ fabricator near you here.

Was that helpful?

We hope that was useful in finding out how to heat a pool without a heater. If you have any questions about GeoBubble™, we’d be happy to help. Please get in touch.