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How Does a Solar Pool Cover Work?

Are you thinking about how you can heat your swimming pool more efficiently? In this blog we explain how a solar pool cover works to raise the temperature of your pool plus the other benefits it can bring…

Importance of a Pool Cover

For an outdoor pool, having a pool cover of any sort is important for many reasons. For example, keeping rain and debris out, reducing evaporation, reducing pool chemical consumption, reducing cleaning time and much more.

At GeoBubble™, we offer a variety of pool covers, and our Sol+Guard™ Solar Pool Cover works differently to others…

Why is a Solar Pool Cover different?

As well as controlling debris, a Solar Pool Cover also works to:

Reduce Evaporation

The material used on a Solar Pool Cover works to reduce water losses through evaporation by acting as a barrier between the water’s surface and the atmosphere. Evaporation has a cooling effect. Covering a pool will prevent 98% of evaporation, therefore reducing evaporative cooling and increasing the temperature of your pool.

Allow the Sun’s Heat through

Unlike some pool covers, a Solar Pool Cover typically is transparent/translucent. This allows the sun’s heat through the cover and into the pool, thus increasing the temperature. 

GeoBubble Solar pool cover on pool in France

Our Sol+Guard™ cover features a 500 micron transparent material that transmits 80% of the sun’s energy through the material to heat the water and basin of the swimming pool.

Tests have shown that our Sol+Guard™ solar pool cover can increase your pool’s temperature by up to 8°C above the ambient pool temperature, reducing the heating demand by up to 70%.

Saves you Money!

Your Solar Pool Cover will stop the energy from the Sun evaporating water and instead harness this energy to help heat your pool. So, by covering your pool with a Solar Pool Cover, your pool heater doesn’t have to work as hard, ultimately saving you money on your energy bill.

Choose the Colour of your Pool Cover Wisely

It may have not crossed your mind that the colour of your Solar Pool Cover can have a direct effect on the temperature! 

All pool covers will keep out debris, provide insulation and prevent evaporation.

range of transparent geobubble materials L-R: Solguard, light blue, french blue, dark blue

But the amount of energy a transparent cover will transmit is linked closely to the colour and concentration of the pigment used. The more transparent the material the more energy will be allowed into the pool. 

However, the pigments themselves and not just the concentration within the cover also have an effect. Learn more about the impact of colour on a solar pool cover here.

Why should I choose a GeoBubble™ Solar Pool Cover?

The unique profile of the GeoBubble™ technology air cells provide both buoyancy and an insulative air gap to control heat transfer. This enables the swimming pool cover material to manage the pool environment and keep the pool at the desired temperature.

unique geobubble illustration. large footprint to withstand air expansion. ultra violet (UV) attack. Chemical attack 50% thicker in comparison to a traditional bubble's weakest points. smooth shape with unifrom thickness.

At GeoBubble™ we offer 2 high-performance Solar Pool Covers:

Read our buyers guide on which pool cover you should choose.

Where can I buy a GeoBubble™ Solar Pool Cover?

Our GeoBubble™ material is manufactured in roll form by Plastipack in the UK and sold worldwide to plastic fabricators in bulk quantities. You can find stockists of GeoBubble™ here.

More Information

We hope this helped you understand how a Solar Pool Cover works. If you have any further questions, please do contact us and we’d be delighted to help.