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How to choose the right pool cover for your needs

There are a wealth of options when it comes to selecting a pool cover for your swimming pool. Bubble covers come in a variety of designs, colours, and thickness. When it comes to the high-quality materials, they are designed for specific functions to offer the best possible performance to reduce the running costs, reduce resource consumption and most importantly help to maintain an enjoyable swimming experience.  

Firstly, lets discuss the generic benefits of a pool cover. Covering your pool with any solid cover will see a substantial reduction in evaporative water losses up to 98%. This does not just reduce the loss of vital water resources but dramatically reduces the primary cause of heat loss for a swimming pool. They will also slow the depletion of chemicals, reduce debris, provide insulation, and increase the temperature of your pool.  

All covers offer these benefits with different levels of efficiency. The question we are often asked is which cover is right for the user’s pool. To help people to find the right cover for their needs here is a guide on selecting the right cover for you.  

For our High-performance Guard materials our products can be divided into two classes: Solar collectors and Thermal regulators.  

Solar collectors work by increasing temperatures through free solar energy. These covers are designed with high transmission properties to let the sun heat the pool. When using a heating system, they will save energy by increasing temperatures faster and holding the pool above or at the thermostat set point saving energy.  

(1) Sol+Guard™ is our most efficient in terms of light transmission through the cover. This translucent cover is ideal for pool owners looking to prolong the swimming pool season or reduce heating costs by up to 70% for outdoor pools.  

Sol+Guard cover on pool. Image credit: Aussie Pool Covers

(2) EnergyGuard™ Selective Transmission (EGST) works in a very similar way to the Sol+Guard™ reducing heating costs by up to 60%. However, EGST has the added benefit of its unique pigment properties allow for solar gains while inhibiting algae growth. This results in a dramatic decrease in chemical consumption by up to 60% and reduces maintenance time and a chemical and filtration free shutdown of the pool. This combination of features makes EGST the best cover for outdoor pools offering the highest overall reductions in running costs. This cover is our team’s recommendation for new pool owners.  

EGST cover on pool. Image credit: Aussie Pool Covers

Thermal regulators work a little differently. These covers are often opaque these covers are designed to control the temperature of the pool. Using the covers unique properties to insulate the pool to maintain the pool environment.  

(3) RaeGuard™ is a heat retention material ideal for indoor pools or outdoor pool that will be in use or uncovered throughout the day. This material reflects radiative heat back into the pool while insulating the pools surface reducing heat loss.


(4) CoolGuard™ Ultra is the ideal cover for pools that can overheat during hot summer periods. The cover is designed to maintain the pools temperature. Insulating the pool maintaining temperatures while preventing evaporative losses. The covers highly reflective pigments reflect solar energy away from the pool minimising solar gains. These combined features make for a controlled and comfortable swimming environment year-round.  

For large covers, pools in holiday rentals, harsh environments or for end users looking for extra durability. A reinforcing weave option of the high-performance guard materials offers up to 250% increases in tensile strength.