Now available in the USA

CoolGuard™ Ultra has exceeded my expectations in many ways


I have been thinking I owe you an update. It’s showing very little wear progression. It’s still doing everything I could ask for!


I am coming up on almost 4 yrs of having the CoolGuard™ Ultra, it has been a great product, I installed it 5/23/2019.

With our desert climate and heat it has surpassed any cover I have had before in all regards.



Besides making normal maintenance when we are at home a breeze, when are away for an extended time, a month or more, it’s just as easy. Balance the pool water and install the cover, and leave without concern of water quality or excessive solar heat gain.


[CoolGuard™ Ultra] does an amazing job of rejecting U/V, which controls heat gain to keep the water temperature within limits.

As you can see in the included Temperature Chart, with full sun and temperature peaks well in excess of 110F (43°C) for weeks at a time, the water temp never got to 95F (35°C), which is the setting of my Nocturnal cooling, which greatly reduces my electrical cost…

The CoolGuard™ Ultra has eliminated any worry of leaving my pool unattended for a month or more without any attention and I am able to relax at time away from home. I am confident CoolGuard™ Ultra will be a long lasting performer even in our less than friendly desert climate. Frost at times in the winter and 120F (49°C) + during the summer.